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Performance Test Engineering Services

Performance Testing gives you the focus, insight and information required to make an accurate assessment of how your software is likely to perform in a variety of scenarios.

It identifies performance bottlenecks and applies tuning optimisations in the existing software, reduces the risk and cost of application failure through dedicated testing and provides understanding of the capacity of software and how it should be scaled to meet future demand.

We help you deliver governance, assessment, optimisation and execution.

The key services we provide include :

  • Performance Engineering Bottleneck analysis and benchmarking .

  • Performance Testing Tool Feasibility .

  • Performance Testing Framework Development .

  • Performance Test Suite Development & Maintenance .

  • Application performance monitoring .

To deliver Key Benefits such as

  • Identifying performance issues early on in the application lifecycle.

  • Resolving bottlenecks for improved application performance

  • Providing application performance visibility to all stakeholders through real-time dashboards

  • Reduction in development costs and time to market.

  • Statistical analysis with actionable inferences and recommendations aligned with performance objectives.

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